The Faroese edition Published by Bókadeild Føroya Lærarafelags
The Norwegian edition Published by Forlaget Press
The Danish edition Published by
Strandberg Publishing
The American edition Published by
Trafalgar Square Books
The Finnish edition published by Minerva Publishing

Our book, Faroe Island Knits, was written by my mother Marjun and me. So far it has been published in 5 languages; Faroese, Norwegian, Danish, English and Finnish.

We were eager to share the rich Faroese knitting history and shed light on old Faroese knitting motifs not seen much anymore. The designs are inspired by stories written by tailor Debes about fishermen or strong Faroese women ahead of their time, but expressed in garments with a modern fit.

Since our book was published, we’ve been travelling and giving talks about the work behind the book and also about the fascinating history of knitting in the Faroe Islands.

Epilogue –

The Faroe Islands, a far-flung archipelago lying halfway between Norway and Iceland, have a rich and longstanding knitting tradition–knitting was once one of their largest export industries, as well as a dearly-loved pastime. Now, inspired by this bountiful heritage, knit designer Svanhild Strøm and her mother Marjun Biskopstø have brought contemporary style and classic Faroese motifs together in this striking collection of all-new patterns. 52 traditional Faroese designs come to life on hats, sweaters, ponchos, slippers, and more, in a unique and eye-catching trove for any knitter with an interest in the twists, turns, and hidden treasures of Nordic knitting history.


“Feels like a coffee-table visual travelogue to the Faroe Islands, and paging through it is delicious. Both for the landscapes and the knitwear!”–

The non-knitter peeking over my shoulder as I was reading this book said, “that is a beautiful book,” and he is right. It feels like a coffee-table visual travelogue to the Faroe Islands, and paging through it is delicious. Both for the landscapes and the knitwear. —

Styles that would get you noticed in the pages of this magazine…will have you vacillating between flight reservations and a kilo or three of yarn.–Vogue Knitting

“Even experienced knitters will scratch their heads over the differences in colorwork traditions from all the cold places around the world. So we can thank this Faroese mother/daughter team for helping us decipher the dazzling knitting culture of their North Atlantic islands. … Faroe Island Knits presents more than two dozen modern items you’ll love to show off. The knee-length cardigans, thigh-high tunics, sumptuous turtlenecks, and handsome fisherman sweaters for men and women straddle that special place between folk art and fashion.”–Vogue Knitting

This beautiful book by mother Strøm and daughter Biskopstø honors the traditional knitwear of the Faroe Islands… experienced knitters will enjoy working with patterns that are both beautiful and historic. –Publishers Weekly