Welcome to my little universe. I’m Svanhild, I’m from the Faroe Islands, an archipelago in the North Atlantic Ocean.

I have a background as a fashion designer and product developer, and I’ve worked professionally as a designer for the past 20 years – recent 12 years as Head of Design at Dale of Norway.

I’ve always been fond of knitwear. There’s something special about creating a garment from your imagination, using only your hands and a single thread.

I also have a passion for patterns, especially old Faroese ones, and combining or reworking traditional patterns in new ways has become my signature as a designer.

This web-shop is run by me and my mother Marjun. Our joint knitting adventure really took off when we wrote our book “Faroe Island knits”. Today we spend our time developing new models and hand knitting recipes as well as giving talks about our book and our shared passion: Faroese knitting history.